Design, Schematic, PCB, 3D Printing, Assembly

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

ADVICE Engineering Services

Advanced IC Engineering, Inc. has been designing Data Communication, Process Control Systems, Test and Monitoring products and providing both hardware and software engineering design and consulting services since our incorporation in 1989.  We enjoy solving problems and take pride in creating devices that work well. 
Completing a project involves getting many details right the first time - we know how to do it without straining our client's resources.

Full Design Engineering - Need a new product developed fast? We provide full top-down design of complex systems or individual components of a system.

Reverse Engineering - Lost your design? Don’t be embarrassed, it happens! We can take a PC board and deliver schematics, new Gerber files, prototypes and assemblies.

Re-Engineering - Want to add new features, but have lost your in-house engineering capabilities or the design authority has moved on? We can take existing designs, update them and complete them.

Compliance Design Analysis - Getting ready to go for UL, CSA, FM, VDE, FCC certifications? We have the experience to take your product through the certification process and recommend corrections to help your unit pass.

Design Review - Need an independent outside opinion of a new product? We can provide engineering and manufacturing analysis of your new product during any phase of its design.

Supporting Services

  • PC Board Design, Schematic Entry, and Layout
  • Prototype Development
  • Mechanical Design, CNC, 3D Print
  • Front panel design and development
  • Electronics Manufacturing, Prototype and Turnkey
  • Software Application Development 
  • Device Driver Software
  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Battery Welding and Lithium BMS design
  • Systems Integration
  • Electronics Repair
  • Technical Documentation (Schematics to Brochures)
  • Patent Development
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Information Technology Engineer